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Refitting a Galley

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

The galley is arguably the most important area of any ship; the room where hearty and delicious meals are prepared and cooked several times a day, often serving hundreds of hungry crew or passengers.

Ensuring the layout, appliances, and safety equipment are perfectly aligned to the gruelling chores in-hand can be a challenge. Therefore, without the right experience, forward planning, and equipment, refitting a galley can seem like a particularly difficult and lengthy process which can throw up a lot more questions than answers, like:

  • How long will a galley refit take?

  • What kitchen equipment should I replace?

  • What can I repair?

  • Where should everything go for efficient use of space?

  • What do I need in a galley kitchen?

  • How much will a galley refit cost?

  • Can it be scalable?

And, if you don’t get the answers to these questions at the very beginning, refitting a galley will quickly become not only a lengthy process, but a costly one.

However, refitting a galley is also a rewarding and worthwhile task; ensuring you have everything you need to keep your passengers & crew satisfied, and your kitchen staff safe by providing a functional, attractive, and secure space.

Recommendations when refitting a galley

Refitting many galleys during our time, we can highly recommend you consider the following before refitting a galley:

Invest in Project Management: although it may seem like a superfluous expense, hiring a Project Manager or bringing in a team to take care of every element of the project will help to ensure the refit not only runs to a deadline, but is also completed within budget; creating a coherent and realistic project plan at the very beginning of the process, and keeping everything running alongside said plan.

Use your space wisely: spend time at the beginning of the project thinking about exactly how the galley is used, by how many people at any one time, and consider any improvements that need to be made. Perhaps meals could be rolled out a couple of minutes earlier if the ovens were at the other end of the galley? Or maybe having an extra dishwasher will further improve overall efficiency? Dedicating time to designing your space, and exactly where your marine catering equipment will fit will save you time and money in the long run. Planning your space will also help you to ensure no cross contamination of foods (including keeping raw and cooked food separate), and accepting a flow of service.

Use modern equipment: your equipment - Galley Ranges, sinks, grills etc. - comes under continuous strain, and must work efficiently and safely at all times, and using modern, proven, and marinised equipment at all times is one of the best pieces of advice we could give you. although it may be tempting to buy second hand or simply keep repairing your existing equipment, always ensure your equipment is as up-to-date as possible.

Keep your equipment maintained: Refitting a galley doesn’t stop when the project is complete and the last of the workman walk away; once the final piece of equipment is installed, it’s a good idea to keep it maintained - making sure that your marine catering equipment is serviced regularly and continues to work well for years to come.

Yes, refitting a galley may be a challenge but with the right support and care, it can help you to create an efficient, driven, and motivated team of kitchen staff by providing an efficient, attractive, and safe space in which for your staff to work.

To discuss anything mentioned above, and to enquire about any of our marine equipment services, contact us today.

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