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Marine Galley Appliances: What You Need to Know before Purchasing

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Being at sea for months at a time can be challenging in many ways; the convenience of receiving a delivery when stocks are low or getting a piece of equipment fixed within hours of it breaking seems a distant memory when you’re far from land, but, the right marine catering equipment can help solve these challenges. So, here we’ll explore the most common challenges with marine catering equipment and how the right marine cooking equipment can help.

Challenges with marine catering and how marine cooking equipment can help

Reduced cooling capacity of refrigeration: one of the most common problems with marine cooking equipment is the reduction in cooling capacity of refrigeration. This can be caused by a number of issues such as: poor thermostat location sensing cold temperatures or overpacking. A simple way to overcome this is to ensure your refrigerators are both large enough and have adequate storage compartments for your needs.

Equipment frequently breaking down: possibly one of the most difficult challenges to deal with quickly, if your catering equipment breaks down frequently it inevitably has an impact on so many other areas of the ship; delaying dinner service and laundry, to name but a few. However, simply by ensuring your marine cooking equipment is of a high quality, and supported by ongoing maintenance can dramatically reduce the risks of your equipment breaking down.

Damage due to high levels of vibration: due to the very nature of being on board a ship, movement and continuous vibrations from simply moving through the ocean can often cause damage to equipment, and inevitably reduce its Estimated Useful Life (EUL). By investing in quality marine cooking equipment made with more durable materials, the EUL of the equipment in question then increases, and superficial damage decreased.

In essence, many of the most common challenges associated with marine cooking equipment come down to a handful of basic elements, such as:

  • The quality of the equipment

  • The material used to build the equipment

  • Ongoing and regular maintenance

All skills and qualities our award-winning team are proud to instil into all of our work.

To talk to us about anything mentioned above, and how we can help you to invest in the right marine cooking equipment, contact us today.

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