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Wathen Marine Catering Equipment Services

Product Design and Manufacture
Product Design & Manufacture

Our experienced, dedicated former Kempsafe staff are on hand to support you with the detailed design and planning of your galley equipment; from conception to completion. Working to your unique specifications to ensure your galley is exactly how you need it. The products we design are galley ranges, grill salamanders, boiling tables and hot cupboards.

Galley Design and Manufacture

Galley Design & Manufacture

Ranging from a full refit of an entire galley or laundry space, to specific pieces of equipment such as galley ranges or washing machines, our innovative solutions are designed and installed with the utmost care; providing you with the reliable, quality equipment you need. We can design and manufacture bespoke galley ranges, hot cupboards and other Galley furniture tailored to your space.



We provide programs to keep your equipment maintained to reduce breakdowns and improve efficiency; identifying any costly problems before they arise. We plan the maintenance of the galley equipment around the vessels itinerary or maintenance periods, and can also train staff in the correct cleaning and maintenance procedures.



We have engineers ready to attend your vessel to diagnose faults and repair them quickly and efficiently. As well as the catering department, we have a marine electrical department team that can offer onboard electrical repairs, modification, refurbishments and installations.

Fire Suppression

Fire Supression

Our galley fire suppression systems have been designed to meet industry requirements ensuring your crew remain protected from the risk of fryer and galley fires, in conjunction with the most recent SOLAS regulations. Putting the safety of your crew at the centre of everything we do, our fire suppression systems have been designed to suppress fires in cooking oils and grease, whilst preventing re-ignition with very little margin for error.

Whether integrating into your existing galley space or as part of a wider project, our fire suppression systems can be effortlessly integrated into any galley; enhancing operational safety and reducing maintenance costs whilst protecting your crew.

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