Keeping your crew and customers safe from harm

Our experienced, ex-Kempsafe team of engineers are fully trained and equipped to install the most effective, cost effective fire suppression & extraction systems to ensure your crew remain safe from the risk of fire.

Fire suppression

Our galley fire suppression systems have been designed to meet industry requirements ensuring your crew remain protected from the risk of fryer and galley fires, in conjunction with the most recent SOLAS regulations.

Ship in the distance at sunset

Low maintenance, high quality solutions

Putting the safety of your crew at the centre of everything we do, our fire suppression systems have been designed to suppress fires in cooking oils and grease, whilst preventing re-ignition with very little margin for error.

Galley Kitchen being used by chef

Effortless integration

Whether integrating into your existing galley space or as part of a wider project, our fire suppression systems can be effortlessly integrated into any galley; enhancing operational safety and reducing maintenance costs whilst protecting your crew.

Galley equipment being cleaned