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Commercial catering equipment

Top tips for cleaning your commercial catering equipment

Ensuring not only the cleanliness of your staff and their working environment, but also your commercial catering equipment, is maintained to a high standard at all times is a vital part of running a galley; for the protection of both your crew and customers.

Unclean commercial catering equipment can lead to lots of other, more serious issues like:

  • Illnesses and infections
  • Damage to equipment
  • More frequent breakdowns of equipment

All of which can be easily avoided with a competent cleaning regime.

So, here are our top tips for cleaning your commercial catering equipment.

Top tips for cleaning your commercial catering equipment

Water filtration:

easily overlooked, water is a really important part of any galley, and making sure you have enough drinking water to cook and clean with is one of the first things you need check. Alongside this, ensuring an appropriate water filtration system is installed with your equipment where necessary may be an extra cost to consider when fitting or refitting your galley, but will also save you money in the long term in maintenance, as well as the prevention of costly breakdowns.

Disposable cleaning cloths: Surfaces must be cleaned & disinfected regularly to avoid cross-contamination. The same rules should apply to your commercial catering equipment. And the safest way to clean is to use disposable cleaning cloths rather than using the same clothes over & over; again, avoiding a risk of contamination.

Avoid abrasive material: using abrasive material, such as metal scrubbing brushes, to clean you commercial catering equipment will inevitably cause unsightly scratches and scuffs. Unless removing stubborn stains, try using softer materials to clean with, and ensure you clean as often as possible to avoid those tough stains building up!

Clean refrigerators once a week: refrigerators are often used to store items that quickly spoil; causing terrible odours and, sometimes, cross-contamination if items aren’t stored properly. Therefore, emptying and deep cleaning your refrigerators at least once a week is a really important act to get into the habit of.

Wipe up spillages immediately: getting to spillages as soon they happen will ensure things like bacteria and stains don’t build up. There’s nothing worse than dried on soup or chocolate sauce!

Reaching correct temperature: allowing cabinets and refrigerators to return to a correct temperature after cleaning is vital; the last thing you’d want is any build up of bacteria and consequent risk of illness thanks to a spoilt container of milk or some raw meat that’s been unintentionally stored at the wrong temperature.

In short, cleaning your commercial catering equipment is not something you should ever overlook, and something that should be accounted for in your daily or weekly routine; ensuring not only that your galley is hygienic, but also that your equipment is well-maintained and therefore the need for repair is lessened.

To talk to us about your commercial catering equipment, contact us today.

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